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Open graduate positions

None at this time

Open post-doc positions

None at this time

Open Research Technician Positions

None at this time

Open Undergraduate Research Positions

Investigating fly parasitoid ecology

Evaluating tick distribution in Pennsylvania

Develop your own project!


No positions posted, but still interested in joining the lab?

Funding is always the limiting factor. However, I encourage any prospective student or post-doc to gt in touch with me. I may have some upcoming plans, or know or similar positions in other labs. 


PRospective Graduate students:

Once you had read through the material presented here and the laboratory expectations, the next step is getting in touch with me! 

Please email me the following: 

  • Explain your research experience
  • Your career goal
  • Your CV
  • What type of projects you are interested in working on. 


Prospective Post-Docs

I'm interested in post-docs that bring in skill sets that our lab may not have, and that is interested in gaining ones that we do. Tell me what you want to do, and how our lab fits those goals. I am looking for creative, intelligent people that work well with others. I don't expect a post-doc to be world-renowned genius, but I do want to see evidence of productivity and dedicated hard work.  If we have projects that interest you, or you think that you may have projects that would fit into our lab mission, I encourage you to contact me.