Undergraduate research positions

No positions available at this time, but contact me about developing your own project!


Undergraduate Research 

For those in science majors, undergraduate research is an invaluable way to learn how experiments are set up and run in a real-world setting. Not only will you augment your degree with practical, hands-on science, but these experiences can set you apart from the others upon graduation, regardless if you wish to apply for a graduate position or employment. 

I welcome undergraduate students from all related science fields to join our lab, and either work on an existing project or develop their own. 


Are you interested in undergraduate research? Here is what I expect: 

1) genuine enthusiasm for the work that we do in the lab, 

2) commitment to at least 10 hours a week,

3) ability to work with others and alone,

4) willingness to work with flies and ticks,

5) responsible and hard-working.

I do not expect undergraduates to have prior research experience, and I do not expect the next nobel prize winner. However, I do expect you to show up when you say you will, and come in with a can-do attitude and work hard. Benefits include additional opportunities for letters of reference, and potentially authorship on manuscripts. 

Ready to COMMIT? 

Send me an email with your current CV or resume, course load and availability, what projects you would like to be involved in, and what your career goals are. We always have room for positive, hard-workers!