Long overdue update

I guess an update is in order! 

Tick-host association project: To date we have trapped and processed 483 mice and collected 1,342 ticks and 59 fleas. Several of these mice were brought back to the laboratory for dissection and hematology analysis. 


Black bear project: Currently we have 17 bears online of our target 36. We are still looking for several more bears with mange as we go forward in to August and September.  Throughout this summer we have collected many samples on healthy bears and bears with mange that were unsuitable to collar, so our data pool is pretty big! 

Beauveria presence in poultry: After collecting for two months, we have nearly 100 fly samples that are potentially infected with entomopathogenic fungi, including Metarhizium spp. on what might end up being two new host records. 

There are a couple other lab and field studies going on as well that are generating some good data. Hopefully we will have more updates soon!