About Erika


Certified Wildlife Biologist®                                           2016

Ph.D., Entomology                                                           2015
University of Florida

M.S., Entomology                                                             2011
University of Florida

B.S., Wildlife Conservation and Ecology                       2005
University of Delaware                     

C GFC17-0134324.JPG

         My interest in entomology came from the heavy influence of entomology courses in the wildlife conservation program at the University of Delaware. It was during my undergraduate coursework that I realized how interesting and exciting entomology was as a field.

        My interest in medical and veterinary entomology developed from my involvement in the agricultural community.  Along with studying arthropods, I am also an avid equestrian. I observed a need in the equine industry for information on the use of pupal parasitoids for filth fly control on equine farms and so I was able to combine both of my interests and address important research questions regarding dispersal, monitoring, and behavior of commercially sold parasitoids. I currently have two competition horses and participate in the sports of eventing and dressage on a national level.

          I employ integrated approaches to pest management whenever possible, and I am particularly interested in behavioral ecology and competition. I believe that an increased understanding of behavior and environmental interactions can lead to novel control methods, and increase efficacy of current methods. My focus is on vectors of zoonotic diseases, but I have an interest in all arthropod pests affecting wildlife and domestic animals.